About us

“Because Thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise Thee.”

(Psalm 63:3)

St. Demiana Bookstore, part of St. Mary & St. Demiana Convent since October 2014, provides our visitors with the blessed opportunity to purchase a wide variety of spiritual books, inspirational gifts, church supplies, handmade items and more!

The website, bookstore, and ministry are run by the servants and mothers of St. Mary and St. Demiana convent.

We pray that, through our bookstore, we can continue to serve and provide to all who seek spiritual nourishment. If there are any books or items you do not see on our website or have questions please feel free to contact us.

“Spiritual reading, vigils and prayer bring the straying intellect to stability.”

Evagrios the Solitary


“Reading is the wellspring of intelligent prayer” 

Pope Kyrillos


“Do not read either too fast, or too lazily or carelessly, but with reverence, attention and intelligence. Invigorated by reading that profits the soul, the mind acquires strength and prays firmly.”

St. Gregory of Sinai (On Silence and Prayer no. 11)


“Just as a pauper, seeing the royal treasures, all the more acknowledges his own poverty; so also the spirit, reading the accounts of the great deeds of the Holy Fathers, involuntarily is all the more humbled in its way of thought.”

St. John of the Ladder (6th Century)


“It is impossible for the soul to be liberated from turbulent thoughts without the virtue of non-possessiveness. And without peace of the bodily senses it is impossible for the soul to have a peaceful intellect. And if it does not come into temptations it will not acquire wisdom of the Holy Spirit. And without laborious and persistence in reading, it will not come to the discernment of thoughts. And without the stillness of thoughts, the intellect cannot move to seek the hidden mysteries of God.”

St. Isaac the Syrian